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The VPA: Asset Protections Part II

In the first of our two-part series, we talked about certain protections for profit corporations.* Today we review the considerably greater protections for volunteers, including volunteer officers and directors serving non-profit, charitable corporations under the VPA. The doctrine of the … Continue reading

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The HR Dilemma: Best Hiring Practices Part 1

HR professionals or other hiring managers need to have best practices in order comply with employment laws, one of the most complex legal areas. The dilemma is that poor decisions may impact a company for years to come. Decisions that … Continue reading

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USERRA – Protecting our Protectors

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) is designed to help protect U.S. military personnel from discrimination that they may face in returning to their jobs. The law ensures that they: are not disadvantaged in their … Continue reading

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Do you have an employment contract in Massachusetts?

Defining a contract is easier than determining if  circumstances constitute proof of one. A contract is an agreement  made voluntarily by two or more parties intending to create a legal obligation(s) and paying consideration. They are often in writing, though many … Continue reading

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