Legal Brief Cases #1 – Retaliation Costs $75,000

This is our first Brief Case, a new and regular segment, where we will briefly update readers on developments in the legal world.

MCAD, et al. v. Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, et al. 2013

An employee was transferred to the night shift duty after testifying at an MCAD public hearing on behalf of a coworker. The employee was found to have been retaliated against and, the courts decided that he should be reinstated to the position of Day Shift Commander and be awarded $75,000 in emotional distress damages. Many retaliation cases are claims based on an employee’s own “protected activity.” Here the retaliation was based on being a witness in another’s matter. Protected activity is a pretty broad legal concept and retaliation is unlawful under many state and federal law so when in doubt call for legal advice.

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