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When you are seeking an effective Massachusetts attorney, you can trust Lawrence B. Morse & Associates to creatively handle legal matters. We offer practical advice and cost-effective solutions from our often inter-related, unique and broad perspectives on legal issues: business law, trial matters and employment law.

As business advisers, our law firm practices preventative law, providing clients with on-going solutions from start-up to growth through maturity. We help both businesses and individuals with their trial and employment matters.

A Tough Fighter for Clients

Lawrence B. Morse & Associates offers firm advice: never fear to settle but avoid settling from fear or weakness. When negotiations fail, we fight hard for clients, using our experience, knowledge of the law, creativity and determination.

Employment Law

Knowledge is power and we provide it! Many of today’s employees may not be aware of their legal rights. We provide business owners with the advantages of having an attorney who has the perspective of handling both sides of employment issues.

Business Law

Handling the range of day-to-day business legal issues that business owners face, our firm prides itself in its ability to serve as “in-house counsel,” particularly for companies without a legal staff. Our litigation experience gives us an edge in knowing what can go wrong and how to bring about positive outcomes. As experienced legal counsel taking a preventative law approach, we can save you time and money.


Our legal team handles a variety of trial matters under Massachusetts laws. We focus on two themes that run throughout a case: substantive law and procedural rules.


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Lawrence B. Morse & Associates is located north of Boston in Danvers Massachusetts and specializes in employment and business law and business litigation for Massachusetts businesses and employees.

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Address: 19 Cherry Street, Danvers, MA 01923

Telephone: 978.777.1176

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Lawrence B. Morse & Associates is located on the North Shore in Danvers, Massachusetts and specializes in business law,
employment law and litagation for business owners and employees in Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk counties.

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