Employee Handbooks

Advantages to Having an Employee Handbook and Job Descriptions? What Should A Handbook Contain?

While not the case under most circumstances, Massachusetts courts have found that presenting employee handbooks to employees may suggest that an employment contract exists even if there is disclaimer language within the pages of the handbook. A recent case from Maine brings home the importance of having and keeping up to date employee job descriptions. Having company legal counsel with employment law background can be important. We work to help you take preventive measures.

We recommend having an employee handbook to provide one central, comprehensive statement of company policies and procedures that is accessible to managers and employees. An employee handbook should include at minimum the following information:

  • Confirmation that all workers are employed as at-will employees.
  • A statement of anti-discrimination policy, covering:
    • An equal employment opportunity statement
    • Policies about sexual .harassment and other forms of harassment in the workplace
  • E-mail, web access and voice mail policies.
  • The Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (MMLA)/ Family Medical Leave Act policies.