Business Litigation Massachusetts

Business Litigation in Massachusetts

Our legal team handles a variety of trial matters under Massachusetts law and are experienced with business litigation in Massachusetts. We focus on two themes that run throughout every case: substantive law and procedural rules.

Substantive law spells out the rights and obligations of the parties, for example:

  • The Law Of Fraud
  • Rights Of Minority Shareholders In A Corporation
  • Breach Of Contract
  • Adverse Possession of Land.

Procedural laws are the rules to be followed as a case progresses in Court, such as:

  • A statute of limitations – the time within which a suit must be filed.
  • The methods of discovery of the facts to be used in court.
  • The rules of evidence that decide how a case may be proved.

Careful investigation of the facts under substantive law and skill in applying the procedural rules are the foundation for settlement or success at trial. Lawrence B. Morse & Associates leverages years of experience and client successes to guide clients through the process of litigation as we work towards a legal resolution: settlement or favorable judgment.

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