What Should I know About Starting a Business in Massachusetts?

You need the advice of an attorney and certified public accountant about how to set up a business to meet your needs and to protect you and your family and your / their assets. There are many good books available with basic advice about all of the many steps that you may need to take. Since starting a business can involve the purchase or rental of equipment, licensing and insurance issues, trade name and/ or trade mark and trade secret protection, rental of office or other commercial space and lease negotiations and innumerable other legal and practical steps, check lists and advice from the state and from the Small Business Administration and SCORE will make the process easier. We can help with a number of these decisions and there are many on-line sources of advice and help, including state, local, university, and local library resources.


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Lawrence B. Morse & Associates is located on the North Shore in Danvers, Massachusetts and specializes in business law,
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